Holiday Cottage

Holiday Cottage

Business case Holiday Cottage

Installing alarm can be either a larger installation with very much cabeling and using a lot of technology. It can also be a simple task and a bit of "do it yourself" installation. One of Fridats customers on alarm system is exactly that type of alarm.

Per Johansson, CEO of the Björkmans Glass, Hallstahammar has set up a text-messaging alert in their summer home to keep an eye on the mains power.

Summer house in Sweden

- I had a colleague who once had a water damage. It cost 2500 € to repair. Now I know that I have power in the summer house and that nothing has happened to the freezer, tells per Johansson.

In addition to protecting the freezer and keep track of the summer house, Per also an added bonus with its SMS alert:

Product: GSM Switch

- If I want I can start an extra heater by sending a sms. It means that I am in the winter can have a summer cottage "warm and cozy" when I get there, sums Per.

Solution: GSM Power socket with temperature sensor